Anchor Medical Management Services

Most boards, societies or organizations need a similar core group of services in order to function efficiently. At AnchorMed we define these as Primary Services. In addition, many groups may require some services be implemented individually as needed based upon specific programmatic, organizational or goal-oriented requirements. AnchorMed defines these as Custom Services.

Learn about our Primary Services:

  • Professional Management
  • Membership Administration
  • General Office Support/Access
  • Accounting/Financial Management
  • Custom Services

Learn about our Custom Services:

Custom Services are those that are closely related to the unique character of a particular organization, or may be required due to specialized programmatic or goal-oriented needs or circumstances. Some of our Custom Services include:

  • Governing Board / Trustee Support
  • Publications Management
  • Conference / Exhibit Management
  • Committee / Chapter Support
  • Representation
  • Marketing / Fund Raising
  • Strategic Planning
  • Credentialing / Certification