Primary Services

Primary Services are those that are essential for the efficient management of an organization and the effective implementation of its mission and goals.

AnchorMed identifies the four specific core services below:

Professional Management – AnchorMed will bring professional and experienced management to your organization. All associates have extensive knowledge and experience in association management, many in areas of healthcare and medical sciences.

Membership Administration – Being responsive to membership and providing services in a timely and professional manner, is key to maintaining loyalty to a professional organization. And providing appropriate and timely dues collection, member demographic and data base updates, and regular reporting is the lifeblood of any professional association. AnchorMed associates are sensitive to good customer and member relations and pride themselves on their responsiveness to their various boards and committees.

General Office Support/Access – AnchorMed provides an address and physical site for the location and identity of your organization. Regular mail and FedEx/UPS service is available. A dedicated phone trunk for phone/fax services is provided, and all communications professionally and politely handled by trained AnchorMed associates.

Accounting/Financial Management – AnchorMed takes the accounting and financial management of our clients very seriously, resulting in regular financial and P&L statement availability for comparison to the approved budget. Both the account executive director and controller supervise this service and work closely with the organization’s treasurer. The President & CEO reviews all statements before delivery, and consistent with good accounting practice, AnchorMed requires an annual audit for every account.