Custom Services

Custom Services are those that are closely related to the unique character of a particular organization, or may be required due to specialized programmatic or goal-oriented needs or circumstances. These may include:

Governing Board/Trustee Support – AnchorMed will ensure there are effective and regular meetings of the organization’s governing body. The account executive will have regular and effective communication with the principals of the organization, and will assure appropriate materials including minutes, agendas, and notes with appropriate follow-up are provided.

Publications Management – Should a journal or other publication such as newsletters be an integral component of the organization, online or hardcopy, AnchorMed can provide appropriate support. This could include subscription management, editing and publication resources, and other critical services.

Conference/Exhibit Management – AnchorMed can provide support to the organization’s planning or event committee in the development of, or participation in, a conference.

Conference and Exhibit Management Services can include:

1) Budgeting/accounting, 2) Hotel and vendor negotiations, 3) Promotion and marketing, 4) Recruiting attendees/vendors/corporate sponsors, 5) Program committee support, 6) Registration services, 7) On-site management and 8) Post-meeting wrap- and follow-up.

Committee/Chapter Support – AnchorMed can provide additional resources that can be directed to extensive committee or chapter initiatives that cannot be covered through Primary Services or other initiatives already identified.

Representation – Should a principal/governing board member not be able to be in attendance at a critical function, AnchorMed, through the account’s executive director or the President & CEO, will represent the organization.

Marketing/Fund Raising – The lifeblood of many organizations is membership, and occasionally additional resources must be brought to bear to increase membership. In addition, the acquisition of extramural funding and support is key to a healthy organization. AnchorMed can provide these services.

Strategic Planning – Every significant organization must look to its current and future goals and objectives, be able to evaluate their success and then reevaluate its future and direction. AnchorMed has access to qualified facilitators that can provide these services.

Credentialing/Certification – Some programs may require the need for services be provided in the area of certification and test development. AnchorMed has access to various resources that can provide a psychometrically sound and rigorous evaluation process, testing instruments and sites for the development of a certification program.